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into an active period of weather this weekend. we have a storm that's moved into southern california, it will move into the middle. country. we're watching a storm system this morning kicking through northern portions of new england with some cold, chilly rain at the highest elevations in northern maine, maybe a little bit of snow. as far as the worst weather this morning, the line of showers and thunderstorms dove out of areas of missouri and is sliding into areas of the greater nashville, tennessee, area. worst drive, interstate 40 anywhere from nashville heading anywhere to the west. this has a lot of lightening too. i'm sure some of that thunder will be waking some people up earlier this morning in areas of central tennessee. as far as other areas of stormy weather, we're not looking at anything too bad out there. later this afternoon we have an isolated risk of severe storms. this is north texas into areas of western extreme portions of kansas. isolated strong storms. damaging hail and some gusty winds. as far as the airports go today, the nashville area, we'll watch that. much
, take a look. 5.89 as prices in california close in on all-time record highs. just when people in california thought things couldn't get worse. >> five bucks? oh, my god. >> reporter: even bigger sticker shock. >> i had no idea it had gone up this much, you know, just overnight. >> reporter: prices up another 20 cents a gallon since midnight. >> how can it go from what was it? 4.70 a week ago? in california, the price is up 36 cents, to 4.49, 67 cents from last year when gas was 3.82. and some stations are topping five dollars, that is if they have gas. many costco stations shut down this week after running out. and independent stations say they can barely break even. wholesale prices are so high. >> every day, the price is going up, crazy. we have no control in it. >> reporter: they tried to explain that to customers. >> chevron's facility down, exxon mobile, tough to find gasoline because of the refinery production taking a big drop. >> reporter: on thursday, valero the nations largest refinery, announce it would suspend the sales, although it would continue to supply its own
. this is a live look from los angeles as the shuttle makes its way to its new home at the california science center. and look at all the people out tonight in l.a. watching that. it's taken two days for the shuttle to make the 12-mile trip. crews had to maneuver it through the streets of los angeles as you saw there. nbc's stephanie stanton talked to excited fans who lined up to get a glimpse of the shuttle. >> reporter: thousands of excited fans lined the streets for day two of the shuttle's slow crawl through the streets of l.a. >> this is history. >> reporter: at top speeds of just 2 miles an hour, officials navigated the 170,000-pound shuttle through the city, carefully avoiding trees, street lights, and even coming within inches of some buildings. why'd you want to come see it? >> because it looks really big. and cool. >> oh my god. huge. really huge. it's amazing to see that this was in space and now it's here in our city. >> reporter: last night engineers were faced with one of their most difficult maneuvers yet, getting "endeavour" across the 405 freeway. this morning, the shuttle ma
, both candidates are on the road. while the president campaigns in california, mitt romney spent sunday in florida before his major foreign policy speech in virginia today. nbc's tracy potts that is details from washington. good morning. >> reporter: hi, veronica, good morning. even with those jobs numbers that came out friday helping president obama, we are still seeing mitt romney with a boost after the debate, and today he will argue that under the president, america is weaker against enemies abroad. mitt romney gives a big foreign policy speech in virginia today, but over the weekend in florida, he focused on taxes and president obama. >> he will ultimately have to raise taxes on middle income taxes by $4,000 a year. >> reporter: since last week's debate, which romney is widely regarded as having won, both sides argued the other was dishonest. >> he was a little taken aback at the brazenness with which governor romney walked away from so many of the positions on which he's run. >> reporter: their truth war now on tv. >> not telling the truth about mitt romney's tax plan. >> this was
are not backed up by deeds." today president obama will wrap up a two-day fund-raising trip in california. yesterday he spoke at a fund-raising concert with performances by john bon jovi and katy perry. and he attended a fund-raising dinner. >>> virginia's u.s. senate candidates will hold their second debate today. republican george allen and democrat tim kaine will square off in richmond. a recent wall street journal/marist poll shows tim kaine pulling ahead. david gregory moderated the debate last month. >>> today a warning that china's two leading technology firms pose a major security concern to the u.s. there's a live look at the capitol. after a year long investigation, the panel is warning the government, as well as private businesses, to avoid poway technologies and zte corporation. those companies are among the world's leading telecommunications companies. both deny posing a threat to the u.s. >>> and venezuela's president hugo chavez wips a third term in office. the electoral council announced that chavez won by a narrow margin. it ends a bitter campaign in which chavez denied u
of southern california. police say the victim was surfing in southern california when a shark bit him. a friend was able to drag him out of the water, but he died before paramedics got there. there were no shark warning signs posted in that area, but police say shark sightings are not rare in that area. >>> the powerful storm sandy is expected to strengthen into a category 1 hurricane today. computer models show the system will cut right over kingston, jamaica, and resort areas. the tropical storm is already drudging parts of jamaica with steady rain. people are already boarding up homes and stocking up on supplies. the storm is not expected to pose a threat to the gulf of mexico. hurricane season ends november 30th. >>> a fast moving wildfire is threatening hundreds of homes in colorado. deputies in custer county west of pueblo are evacuating more than 300 homes. firefighters say it started yesterday at one home and quickly spread to nearby brush. winds up to 80 miles an hour helped fan the flames. lower winds today could help firefighters gain control of this fire. >>> 13 before the
focused, everyone. >> yes. good morning. yesterday in california was where some of the worst weather in the country was. we had a couple of tornadoes. some of those were near the sack kra men tow areas. by california standards it did get everyone's attention. the other thing we have to worry about as we go through the next 48 hours is what's going to happen down in the caribbean. we are watching tropical storm sandy. this one is heading north wards. jamaica, cuba, then the central bahamas. this storm tracks not all that far away from florida. we're not expecting a direct impact. with the uncertainty coming this close to florida, we should see rip current, large waves on the east coast beaches. then the storm is off to the east coast sometime sunday into monday. where is the storm heading after that? a lot of questions. this high pressure is going to block it. it's not going to easily head out to sea. it's a race between the cool air and cold air. this could get sucked up to the north. we haven't ruled out new england impacts and the canadian maritimes. there's not a lot of bad weathe
-raising trip in california. yesterday he spoke at a fund-raising concert with performances by john bon jovi, stevie wonder, and katy perry. he poked a little fun at himself and his recent debate performance. >> and everybody here is incredible professionals. they're such great friends, and they just perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> last night mr. obama also attended a $25,000 per person fund-raising dinner. tomorrow the president will hit the campaign trail in ohio. >>> virginia's u.s. senate candidates will hold their second debate today. republican george allen and democrat tim kaine will square off in richmond. a recent nbc/wall street journal/marist poll shows kaine pulling ahead of allen 49-44%. david gregory moderated their first debate last month. >>> today controversial ads will be popping up in some metro stations and on some metro buses. the ads equate muslim radicals to savages, and they'll be displayed at the georgia avenue, petworth, "u" street, takoma, and glen mont stations. the american defense initiative created the ads, and metro didn't
. unbelievable. >>> now to southern california where not a bird, not a plane but a two-pound fish. it was pluck eed from the oceany a bird. the employees placed it in a bucket of water mixed with sea water and then they returned it to sea. >>> finally in new york after years of renovation, people will, once again, be able to visit lady liberty's head starting on sunday. the crown will be open thursday through sunday each week and reservations are required. although, this weekend with sandy coming, not a great time to go. for a look at the weather, here is nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> if you are in the path of the storm, your nbc local station has all the information you need and keep it tuned there. we don't want to ignore our friends in the south, still getting gusty winds. 20 to 35 miles per hour all the way from miami to west palm beach and beach erosion and large waves and you're going to get brushed by this storm from south carolina to georgia to florida but still impacting you as you go throughout your day today. middle of the country looks fine forecast wise just cold air we're talk
driver's license was restricted by the california dmv. >> the physician told me he was required by law to report to the state that i had had a stroke, and that meant that they would -- they may take my car keys. and that to me was like a death sentence. >> reporter: when it comes to older drivers and the dmv, requirements for driver's license renewal vary from state to state, whether it's a vision, written or driving test, there is no standard national guideline. california and five other states require physicians to report patients who may be a risk on the road. but experts say with more americans driving into their 90s, more scrutiny is needed. >> put your brake on. >> health care providers are not really knowledgeable about driving, and what are the circumstances in which somebody should not continue to drive. >> reporter: aaa is trying to avoid accidents involving senior drivers. in 2003, an 86-year-old plowed through a santa monica farmer's market killing ten. two months ago in los angeles, a 100-year-old driver hit a group of school children. >> these serve as wakeup calls, not j
at the funeral. >> she was living that dream california lifestyle. you talk about housewives of orange county. she could have been on the show. she wrapped him around her finger just like she wrap sod many men around her finger. >> she had it all, waterfront home, fancy cars, millionaire boyfriend, quite the life. until -- >> the shots were in sets of two. he saw his attacker. >> her lover gunned down. who wanted him dead? >> and annette would not have done it because there was no financial gain in her for this >> what about her secret friend, the former nfl linebacker? >> you laid to them, for one thing? >> i did. >> the mystery was unsolved. then came a prosecutor who took on big waves and cold cases. could he find the key to this one? >> this isn't just a motive, it's a motive on steroids. >> keith morrison with deadly trust. >>> welcome to "dateline" everyone, i'm lester holt. a gated community august glamorous setting where the wealthy residents he is could feel safe. but it was not safe for one millionaire, murdered in his waterfront house. police had suspects but the evidence was only
with a familiar face on this program, arnold schwarzenegger, former governor of california. recent revelations about his personal conduct have hurt his reputation, to say the very least. you have noticed he's been out this week with a new book called "total recall:my unbelievable true story" in which he details what he says are his successes and his failures. governor schwarzenegger, whack welcome back to "meet the press" meet. . >> thank you. it's good to be back again. >> let's start with politics. you're still a high profile voice in the republican party. what do you make of the race? can governor romney win this election? >> i think that the race is wide open. and i think that there's a lot of things that change all the time especially close to the election. i think either one of them can win it. it really depends. >> are you a naive optomist when it comes to your belief in post partisanship? you see what goes on in this town. i know it's a big work of your job as a professor and your institute at usc. how does post partisanship happen when you see the polarization in washington and how po
and then onto ohio. president obama is busy raising political cash in california tonight as his campaign closes in on $1 billion in donations. the president is in san francisco, preparing to go on stage just after mid night our time for a rally and fundraiser. earlier today, the president dedicated the casar chavez national monument. >> in the race for the u.s. senate, a debate tonight talking about the economy, a gridlock in congress and even big bird. >> reporter: with the richmond pbs station hosting the debate -- >> i pledge tonight not to fire big bird and not to defund public broadcasting. >> that was the only light moment in the hour-long debate. his main line of attack is when tim cain accepted. >> how does a governor decide to take on a second job that sends him all over the country giving him part san speeches while over a hundred thousand jobs are lost in virginia. it will still keep virginia the best state for business in america. >> i'm proud of the fact that when i was governor at a very challenging time. we did a lot to bring new businesses to virginia and to have a profile that
the next three days in eight states including iowa, colorado, and california and an appearance on jay leno tonight. >> all right, tracie pots there for us in washington. tacie, thanks. >>> the white house and the state department were advised that an islamic militant group was behind the benghazi attack just two hours after that assault began. this information is according to a report by the reuters news agency. they managed to obtain e-mails that described the attack as it was still underway. the white house and state department have not commented yet on those e-mails. >>> well, now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. we're going to begin with a deadly shark attack in southern california. a 39-year-old man was killed while surfing in the waters off surf beach. the victim suffered a massive bite wound on his upper torso and was pronounced dead on the scene. this is the second fatal attack on surf beach which does not have any shark warning signs posted. they're investigating what kind of shark was involved. >>> now over to texas where the fast and furiou
stuff was merely a passenger onboard an f-15 jet that raced across california's mojavi desert. absolutely amazing. >>> now here's a look at some other stories across america. a car plowing into a scrap metal business. luckily it happened in the middle of the night, so no one was around, kpeptd for the driver, who could be seen getting out of the car several minutes after the impact. >>> in california, it is finally home sweet home for space shuttle endeavor. we've sped up this video of what was a long, winding and two-mile-per-hour journey through the streets of l.a. this weekend. after soaring above the earth dozens of times, its final trek was to a museum where it's going to go on display later this month. >>> to new york, it's not as big as that shuttle, but this pumpkin is still pretty great, right? it's weighing in at 1,300 pounds and the grower says it's all thanks to hard work, no funny business. >>> a map discovered buried in the vault of a historical vote shows george washington's encampment at valley forge, pennsylvania, could have changed this country's history fore
. this is a test scoop done here early on in a lab in california. the soil samples collected by curiosity will be crucial in determining if the red planet ever supported life. it is scheduled to make that first scoop in the next two or three weeks. >> does nasa have evidence that it's not a footprint? >> that's a good question. that's an excellent point. >>> 5:11. time for weather and traffic on the ones. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with a gorgeous day ahead. hi, tom. >> off to a chilly start. 50s much of the region under a clear sky. including hagerstown, our hometown forecast location. by 7:00 a.m., bright sunshine, mid-50s. by noontime, near 70, bright and sunny. for the entire region today, we will have low humidity in place. afternoon highs, low 80s. lots of sun and a blue sky. a delightful day. a look at tonight, the weekend, and into next week. big changes on the way. that's in ten minutes. how's traffic now, danella? >>> checking out things along i-95 in virginia, what i'm doing is looking for accidents, road work, delays. travel lanes are open. here's a live look as yo
a look as the shuttle make its 12-mile trip from los angeles to its new home at the california science center. stephanie stanton talked to the experts about how they're going to move the giant shuttle through the streets of los angeles. >> reporter: the shuttle "endeavour" departed l.a.x. on its 200,000-pound transport vehicle and began rolling around 2:00 a.m. >> 80 wheels, and each wheel can move independently, but they're all computer controlled. >> reporter: spectators lined the streets for a chance to witness history. >> it's just the american dream. it's an american icon. it's an american hero. >> and liftoff. >> reporter: after 25 missions and millions of miles in space, "endeavour" will soon call the california science center home. captain mark kelly served as commander of "endeavour's" final space mission and said fans will get an extra treat when visiting the shuttle. >> they'll try to display it in the vertical with an external tank and rocket boosters like it's on the launchpad. >> reporter: but the "endeavour" must make the painstaking 12-mile journey to downtown l.a. dubb
of that but because of drought to california. the real dust bowl, the panhandle of oklahoma and panhandle of kansas, colorado and new mexico, that was the epicenter of what was a nationwide drought. but the epicenter of the dust bowl was this area of the worst manmade ecological disaster in american history. you go wait, man made? that had gone over my head a little bit. a decade long apocalypse that not only killed your crops but moved more dirt in one day than the entire ten-year excavation of panama canal and dumped dirt in chicago and detroit and people turned on street lights in new york and franklin roosevelt went like this and had dust in the oval office. had oklahoma on his fingertips in the oval office. then it not only killed their crops but cattle and children. they started to die of what was called the dust pneumonia. who is still alive to tell the story? and you needed to find that critical mass of people. we did that and did that shoe leather to find those people, children and teenagers at the time who would suffer through this ten-year apocalypse. i think all of us after two storms w
together. >> i think it also needs lucy and ethel on the sidelines. just to throw in a little california in january unds awfully good to me. >>> so you're watching "the voice." >> this is, again, where they have the sing-offs. we're only going to do two teams today and let you pick. this is team blake, layla versus suzanne that. they are singing "dog days are over" by florence and the machine, but tell me who you like best. ♪ ♪ the dark days are over the dark days are done ♪ ♪ horses are coming so you better run ♪ ♪ run fast for your mother and fast for your father run for your children and your sisters and brothers. leave all your love and longing behind ♪ >> do you pick sara haines or the other girl? >> they are good singers, the first girl has a more distinctive voice. >> that was the one who got selected. sara haines moves on. her name is soouzuzanne that. next one is a great one, this is team christina. this is jocelyn versus sylvia. they are both brunettes and sing a song called "what goes around comes around." >> okay. ♪ 'cause honestly you turned out to be the bes
customers and aircraft land tonight. >>> now out to california. of course, the driving capital of the world where the problem concerns gasoline. both where to buy it and what you'll pay for it. kristen dahlgren, good evening. >> reporter: 5.69 for unleaded. so much that they had to put signs up apologizing to customers saying it is not our fault. this is normally the time of year we see gas prices drop, but last night, prices went up an average of eight cents a gallon and prices are still climbing. they're calling this the highest single day increase in history. it started with that fire at the richmond refinery in august. there was also a power failure at an exxon mobil refinery in southern california this week and a pipeline shutdown that further cut supplies so much that some gas stations ran out of gas includinging a costco near los angeles, so some station owners saying they're thinking of shutting down comple completely. they say it's too difficult to sell at these prices. >> kristen dahlgren in southern california. >>> and late news tonight about that u.s. border patrol agent killed
. the president is in california to raise millions and reassure hollywood supporters after a sub-par debate performance. >> four years ago, i said that i'm not a perfect man and i wouldn't be a perfect president. that's probably a promise that governor romney thinks i've kept. >> reporter: and after a week that recharged republicans and reenergized the race. they conceded that romney had a strong debate but called it dishonest. >> mitt romney had a theatrical performance just this last week, but the underpinnings of that performance were fundamentally dishonest. >> reporter: and explained what went wrong with the president's own debate performance. >> he was a bit taken aback with the brazenness of which governor romney walked away from so many of the positions on which he's run. >> reporter: promising there will be changes. >> i assume he has reviewed the tape and it will inform how he handles these subsequent debates. >> reporter: the campaign launching a new attack ad. >> this was dishonest. >> i'm not in favor of a $5 billion tax cut. >> reporter: and after romney took aim at sesame str
. >> now i'm a professor, he gave absolutely no specifics. >> reporter: in california today, president obama appealed to hispanics, dedicating the first ever national monument to a contemporary mexican-american, the late labor leader, caesar chavez. with the stakes higher than ever, the president put a spin on his own debate performance, rallying the supporters at a concert in hollywood last night. >> my understanding, it was an incredible show. and everybody here is an incredible professional, such great friends, and they just performed flawlessly night after night, and i can't always say the same. >> reporter: in today's speech, mitt romney also appeared to try to take away from the president's signature success overseas, as to the death of osama bin laden. he credited the military and professionals for that. >> here, traveling with the romney campaign, in virginia tonight, peter, thank you, and to the rest of our team, chief affairs correspondent andrea mitchell and our white house director, chuck todd, both in the washington bureau. chuck, let's begin with you, two new polls, diffe
attack off the coast of california. >> you eve probably seen the google car operates without a driver. and, tonight, it is one step closer to alienating our highways. >> a local marine separated from his four-legged companion. >> we're looking pretty good after a fantastic day today. jim, our temperatures are in the 50s and low 60s. we're talking about some more mild air, really mild. and what could be wild next week from a tropical storm that could get closer to an east co >>> oh the coast of california, a 29-year-old man was killed. a friend was able to drag him out of the water, but the man was dead by the time paramedics arrived. there were no shark warning signs posted in the area. the police there say sharksightedings are not rare. >> an alexandria marine will soon be reunited with an old war-time friend. he took the dog in, nursed him back to help and let bolt sleep in the tent during the winter. but the commander of the base ordered all dogs to be removed. they were taken miles away, but bolt couldn't just bare to be separated from his new behind. >> apparently ran behind a co
and their families, it's as close to home as you can be. fort worth, texas los angeles, california honolulu, hawaii the uso is how america supports her troops. it's how we say thank you to the men and women who have placed our fortunes and our families and our futures ahead of their own. the uso is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that relies on the generosity of the american people. san diego, california san antonio, texas, baby. pasadena, california. but for now, it's right here. find out how you can help. visit us at the uso. until every one comes home. one thing that makes our day when we're on the field is watching lauren get up to bat. our daughter loves baseball. and we tried to get her on some teams, and there were some coaches that would include her but she just never felt right about it. hitting the ball and then making the other kids wait, just wasn't her idea of what baseball was. we thought she would just have to settle for being a fan; until rotary stepped in. and they built this special field. they took an idea of just letting the kids play baseball and made it
a group of people to california for kala's 13th birthday and laura said she couldn't come with us because she had to stay home and have sex with two guys, called it her sex weekend. >> is that true? >> that is absolutely a lie. >> somebody tell me the truth. [applause] >> that's the problem, dr. phil, you will never get the truth out of her. >> hold on. these are not things that reasonable folks can differ, it happened or not. one is blatantly lying, he went to california and you couldn't go because you would stay behind and have sex. >> he did go to california. i stayed behind because this is one of his tactics of controlling me. i'm taking kala to california for her birthday -- let me talk once. this is my life. i cannot ever speak, nothing. >> you feel my frustration because i can't get an answer. [applause] it doesn't really matter at this point, i'm just trying to get a feel for what's going on did stay behind because you had a date for sexual purpose. >> i stayed behind to not go away with him, end of story. i was finally in my house and i thought, i don't want to go out. i want to
to travel the streets of washington. just like california, florida, and nevada, whenever they arrived. >> well, the real attraction is increased safety. about 70% of the vehicle crashes, unimpaired drivers. the drivers that are in no way ill paired them just make mistakes. >> reporter: the obama administration said tuesday pits launching a new research initiative on the safety and reliability of driverless technology. >> in any event, this is a step toward the jetson. not the flintstones. >> reporter: out on the city streets of the nation's capital, motorists were mixed about the idea. >> they already have cars that can deck when you're approaching too close and so i think the technology is pretty close. >> i like driving myself, personally. i wouldn't want a computer or technology to do it for me. >> sure. we already have them in california. i follow the google car all the time. no problem. >> sometime you need a human touch to make decisions, what you're going to do in a traffic situation. that changes invariably just down the street. >> reporter: so no george jetson yet. >> not yet
will be moving very slowly as well, only 2 miles an hour. it's going on display at the california science museum. >>> the mars land rover curiosity appears to have made a very surprising yet familiar find on the red planet. while testing rocks for chemical compositions, curiosity uncovered a rock that is the first of its kind on mars but very similar to the ones that are often found here on earth around hawaii and other pacific islands. nasa, though, is being very careful when it comes to describing what this means. curiosity landed there in august and is trying to uncover whether there was ever life on mars. >>> the defense department is hoping the government and businesses can come together to stop cyber attacks. defense secretary leon panetta says a public-private partnership is needed to help security. it comes as iran made a series of cyber attacks on oil and gas companies in the persian gulf. they appear to be in retaliation for sanctions against the country. panetta called those attacks possibly the most destructive the private sector has seen yet. >>> western ammunition and military supp
, everybody, at 4:30. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. a school in california is wrestling with a medical and ethical dilemma. coleman started a new school in palo alto, and settling in when administrators told his family he would have to transfer to a different school three miles away. coleman is a nonsymptomatic carrier of the gene for cystic fibros fibrosis. it's not contagious. but cf patients can pose dangers to each other through coughing or close contact. even near carriers of the gene can be dangerous for someone with the disease. the school system allows one patient per school and coleman's school had one student with cf before he arrived. >> coleman has attended two other schools with cf children. it's never been an issue, ever. >> in general, we would prefer that there not be more than one cystic fibrosis patient in a school. >> coleman's parents are challenging the school system in court next week. in the meantime, he's being home schooled. the average life expectancy for cystic fibrosis patients is 37 years. >>> let's get the latest word on the weather. big cha
raising money for michael and lauren who are the stars of show. michael came all the way from california and lauren from california. she is the star of the show "glee" and so michael has an incredible job out in a law firm in california. these are great success stories and we're raising money to support people like this. >> how much are you hoping to raise today? >> we hope about 2.5 million and 25 hundred participants. we keep growing it every year. this is our third ride around the country. my sister maria did one up in boston with tom brady and we're adding one in miami, too. >> reporter: you have some pretty famous athletes. >> carl lewis leads our 5-k run, in my opinion the best olympian ever. 20-year supporter. committed big time. helps us enormously. gary hall is another great olympic athlete. a lot of great people but the stars are our buddy participants. buddies are riding 100 miles, 50 miles, walking 5-k, running, every aspect, giving speeches. michael is going to speak at the opening ceremony. >> reporter: you're speaking and participating in the athletic part, too? wench . >>
. the president will make his way from the east coast to the west coast with stops in iowa, colorado, california, and nevada. mitt romney will start the day in nevada and end the day in ohio. tracie potts with more on the final push before election day. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. we're going to see this the next couple of weeks. they're trying to hit all the battleground states, especially as we get new poll numbers showing things even tighter. for the first time in a major poll, governor romney is leading by one percentage point. in the reuters/ipsos poll, the president leads by one percentage point. so essentially they are tied heading into the final days. the president intends to make stops in eight different states over three days. governor romney, in at least three states, four different stops over the next two days. he says the debates have super charged his campaign. >> thank you, tracie. >>> the presidential debates may be more riveting than any sporting event. more than 58 million viewers watched the debate, according to nielsen. that's three times more the
's speech today during his visit to california. >>> election day is just a month away in virginia. senate race is one of the most highesprofile races in the country. tim kaine and george allen will be facing off in a debate tonight. live near richmond with a look at how each candidate hopes to gain an edge in this close contest. >> reporter: well, first you might get a little chuckle out of this. i'm standing alongside sesame street lined with campaign signs because a pbs station is televising the debate. it will also be shown in tv markets across virginia. that's why there's so much at stake tonight for tim kaine and george allen. both will try to win over the small percentage of undecided voters out there. this was the televised face-off between democrat tim kaine and republican george allen in fairfax county a few weeks ago. allen charged senator kaine would turn to tax hikes to battle the deficit. while kaine accused allen of hollow promises void of specifics. tonight's moderator said the tax discussion will undoubtedly emerge again. >> allen said the tax cuts should be for everyone,
from home, roseville, california, welcome enough. eat two scoops of ice cream, about how long would you have to walk to burn off the calories? one hour, two hours, three hours or five hours. of course, it doesn't say what kind of ice cream. what do you think? >> i'm going to say five hours? [ buzzer ] >> and you would be wrong from roseville, california. >> well. but hopefully you'll enjoy that. >> okay. all right. so the correct answer here is two hours. >> yeah. it is going to be two hours 'cause two scoops is about 300 each. taking a moderate walk, take you a couple hours to do that not a bad thing. if you want to enjoy it take that walk. remember, there's some payoff for eating that indulgence or have one scoop, only have to walk for an hour. >> yeah. back across. >> visiting from the beautiful town of chattanooga, we all want to satisfy our sweet tooth, especially hoda. of the following two items, which has less calories, nine hershey's kisses or one regular size nestle's crunch bar? >> a. nine hershey kisses. [ ding ] >> those are so good. and you get nine. >> and you get nine of
are not backed up by deeds." >> today president obama will wrap up his two-day fund-raising trip in california. he will announce the establishment. caesar chavez national monument. yesterday the president spoke at a fund-raising concert. he poked a little fun at himself as well and his recent debate performance. >> everybody here is incredible professional, they're such great frep friends, and they just perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> last night mr. obama also attended a $25,000 per person fund-raising dinner. tomorrow he will hit the campaign trail in ohio. >>> the pressure is on for this thursday's vice presidential depate. vice president joe biden is taking a break from the campaign trail to prepare. biden has suggested he wants to address the differences between himself and his republican counterpart in the aftermath of president obama's lackluster performance and his debate with rommy. ♪ kid rock is joining republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan on the campaign trail today. the singer is attending a rally for ryan tonight in rochester, mic
"endeavour" was traveling as it made its way to the new home at the california science museum. it took "endeavour" three days to travel 12 miles. it arrived 17 hours late. the shuttle had trouble making sharp turns. and navigators had to make sure the shuttle would not clip trees or bring down light poles. 6:21. >> that's our time right now, and tom kierein has the forecast. >> the whole time his left blinker was on. >>> as we get started this morning, you're going to need an umbrella as you head out the door. no rain here now. we do have a few sprinkles out of the mountains of western maryland, parts of west virginia headed north and east. most of the morning ought to be dry. it's a bit blustery. the leaves are swirling around. we've had winds gusting around 20 miles an hour. we're in the 60s from the bay all the way to the mountains. here's your storm team 4 forecast. greater chance of showers this afternoon. high near 70. tonight as we clear out and sunny tomorrow, chilly start, afternoon highs low to mid-60s. a bit milder wednesday, thursday, friday. might get showers friday mornin
's a look at some of the other things making news. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger's autobiography comes out today. he discussed the book on 60 minutes last night. he talked about his infidelity and the tremendous pain he has caused his wife, maria shriver. the book called "total recall: my unbelievably true life story" goes on sale today. >>> the search for jimmy hoffa's body did not return up any remains. a man said he saw someone buried around here the same time hoffa disappeared in the summer of 1985. an initial scan showed something under the skeet. police -- the concrete. police dug for two samples. >>> a bipartisan event provides an opportunity for congressional candidates to reach out to a growing constituency in virginia. it's estimated 170,000 arab americans now live in the commonwealth which is twice the number it was 30 years ago. >> it's estimated that arab american votes make up -- [indiscernible] -- i think in close elections it's -- it could decide the winner, whether it's presidential or the senate. >> virginia's most recent arab american immigrants
. gas now the most expensive ever in california. why folks in the nation's biggest state are paying the price. >>> freeze warning. afte a summer like start to october, now the big chill. >>> sign of the times, kids packing the cafeteria, but not just for lunch. why more and more schools are now serving dinner. >>> and a tangled mess on one of the most congested highways in america, drivers can't believe it. a massive project brought to a grinding halt by the itsy-bitsy spider. >>> from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is nbc "fightly news" with lester holt. >> one month from today we'll be coming on the air counting down to the poll closings. the month to go mark in a race that's taken potential game changing twist this week. mitt romney's strong debate performance and yesterday's timely drop in the nation's unemployment rate. these are critical days on every level from fund-raising to how the candidates define themselves and each other to an electorate that is now fully engaged and focused. our andrea mitchell is standing by with analysis, but first nbc's peter alexand
california. after a delay, fans were treated to a smeshl musical performance arranged by deb by allen. it's new home will be the california science center where they hope it will inspire future generations of astronauts. >> this morning, naval officials are trying to figure out how two ships collided. . one ship hit another during routine operations. no one was hurt, and officials are still surveying the extent of the damage. both of the ships were able to return and dock on their own. fighter jets zeros in over the skies of virginia last night after two small planes entered no fly zones. they were intercepted within 15 minutes of each other. it was restricted air space because air force one just landed. both planes were escorted out of of the area. >> both president obama and mitt romney are preparing for tuesday's debate. the president is in williamsburg virginia for the next few days. he is planning on staying there until the debate. john kerry is again playing the role of romney, and romney is traveling all over ohio while preps for the debate. the match up is in new york, and it will
to slowly move through the streets of los angeles as it travels to the california science center. late last night the process was delayed for a few hours as crews prepared for it to cross a major overpass. crews also had to take down power lines for a short time leaving hundreds of people without power for that time. >> a tight squeeze there. >> it was a tight squeeze. no room for error. but what a spectacular sight. >>> the time is 9:06. coming up some new apple buzz. we have the must have item that could be announced this month. >> that's right. plus the investigation into google that could lead to a lawsuit against the search engine. >>> and there as new trend of early holiday shopping. what items should you go for now? what should you wait for? what's the best to buy online? we've had expert advice on all of that, next. >> we will continue to recover from the nats' heart breaker last night. how are you handling the loss this morning? share your pain. we're sharing it with you all online. join the conversation facebook and twitter. just search what makes the sleep number store different?
in california paid this time last year. there is also a gas shortage at some stations. >> chevron's facility in richmond is still down from the fire in august. exxon mobil's facility now in torrance suffering through power interruptions. it's tough to find gasoline because refinery production all of a sudden is taking a big drop. >> gas prices across the east coast are hovering around $4 a gallon. right now a gallon of regular in d.c. is as low as $3.86 down five cents from yesterday. filling up in maryland is $3.70. it is $3.60 in virginia down one cent and 3.87 in west virginia which is up three cents overnight. >>> safety investigators are looking into a possible recall of some honda minivans and suvs. the national highway traffic safety administration says they've received complaints about the honda odyssey and honda pilot from model years 2003 and 2004. the cars reportedly allowed drivers to remove the key when the transmission is not in park. that can result in the car rolling away. the safety program affects more than 500,000 cars. >>> american airlines is expected to be back at full
deal with power lines farther ahead on the route. the trip will end at the california science museum where the shuttle will spend its retirement, take a little rest there to prep. hundreds of trees were cleared away from the city, and sidewalks had to be closed. for pedestrians, looks like a lot of fun at the news desk. melissa mollet, news 4. >>> i think it ran through a red light. new this morning, the mars land rover curiosity appears to have made a very surprising yet familiar find on the red planet. while testing rocks for chemical compositions, curiosity uncovered a rock that is new to mars but very similar to ones found on earth around hawaii and other pacific islands. nasa is being very careful when it comes to describing what this means. curiosity landed there in august and is trying to uncover whether there was ever life on mars. >>> new this morning, the winner of the 2012 nobel peace prize. >> the nobel committee has decided that the nobel peace prize for 2012 is to be awarded to the european union. >> that announcement made just a short time ago in oslo, norway. the chai
. it was coach against coach at a youth football game in california. that is not the correct videotape. we will try to get that for you and tell you about this football game in california. here we go. youth coaches at a football game in california. this video a parent posted on loin of a coach charging and then tackling a rival coach right in front of their 13-year-old players. things got out of control. people tried to step in as well. that caused more fights, more chaos. no word this morning on why the coach went after the other team's coach. >>> a sigh of relief for redskins fans this morning. robert griffin iii will likely be ready to play ready to play on sunday. rg3 took part in a full practice yesterday and said he felt no ill effects of the mild concussion he suffered on sunday. he will still be evaluated daily and has not yet been cleared for contact. griffin says he's learned he needs to work harder to keep himself safe. >> a lot of people said after the game that he didn't necessarily need to make the run that he tried to make when he got hit, but it's a learning thing for him.
of italy. >>> the space shuttle "endeavour" at its new home in california. the shuttle arrived at the california science center on sunday. it was 17 hours late. it took three days to go 12 miles from the airport to the museum. a hiydraulic leak in the transporter contributed to the delay. tree trimmers had to account for the shuttle's wing span. >>> 75 years after becoming the first human to fly faster than the speed of sound, retired air force brigadier general chuck yeager is making some noise again. he sat in the backseat of an f-15 eagle that broke the sound barrier more than 30,000 feet above california's mojave des t desert. that's quite different than the experimental bell-x rocket he piloted into history on october 14th, 1947. >>> and an austrian sky diver, felix baumgartner, jumped from 24 miles up and reached speeds of more than 3,300 miles per hour before landing safely in the new mexico desert. check out this landing, perfection. baumgartner used a special capsule to travel up into the stratosphere. he wore a high tech suit to shield himself on the way down. he had
freshman year at the university of california at berkeley next september. that's the news. now back to jenna and dylan. we wish her the very best. good news for her. >>> diylan dreyer is here with check on the weather. hi, dylan. >> it's pretty nice out. >> anyway, so thanks for your time. we're going to take a short break. oh, so there's other things to talk about. go right ahead. >> other than you i have more to talk about. >> oh! she's been here like three weeks, and she is digging me. go right in there. welcome. >>> we are going to see pretty nice weather across the country. a few scattered showers across portions of northern dakotas but we are keeping an eye out for a big storm to move into the west coast tomorrow from central california up into oregon. we could end up with some of the mountain regions are over a foot of snow especially above 5,500 feet. the rest of the country today does look nice and quiet. that's a look at the weather acro across the country. >>> and that's your latest weather. >> dylan, thank you very much. >>> coming up next on "today" you want to party li
. >>> and next, it's happening from here to california. the event being called the great shakeout. as governor, i cut five billion dollars in spending and balanced the budget every year. and tim kaine and i both cut our own pay as governors, to lead by example. mark warner and i reached across party lines to get things done. we were a great team in richmond and we'll be a great team in washington. i'm tim kaine and i approve this message ...because we'll work together to restore fiscal responsibility, grow our economy and create jobs. [ male announcer ] tim kaine. bringing people together to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. under the president's policies, middle income americans have been buried. they're just being crushed. middle-income americans have seen their income come down by $4,300. this is a tax in and of itself. i'll call it the economy tax. i'm not going to raise taxes on anyone. my plan is to bring down rates to get more people working. my priority is putting people back to work in america. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> welcome back. what would you do if an earthqu
the nation's third largest carrier needs new planes. >>> amtrak crews in california trying to repair tracks and clean up debris this morning after a tractor-trailer slammed into a train near fresno. take a look here. police say the truck driver failed to stop at a railroads k crossing yesterday and pushed two passenger cars and the locomotive off the tracks. >>> a high school student is in stable condition after being stabbed at school. this is according the "baltimore sun." the stabbing happened inside heritage high school. this comes as another student is facing charges for shooting another student on the first day of school at perry hall high school. 15-year-old robert gladden is being charged as an adult with attempted murder and assault. >>> a man accused of killing a school superintendent is fighting extradition to new york. police say anthony taglianetti refused to waive his right to an extradition hearing, which means it could be a month before he is turned over. he is accused of killing clymer superintendent keith ray jr. >>> remembering a prominent local professor killed in a frea
.49 a gallon. that's 67 cents more than drivers in california were paying this time last year. there's also a gas shortage at some stations. a fire and a power outage being blamed for the high prices. >> a dog walker attacked in the disz trikt. the one thing she's desperate to get back. >> starbucks said to be running low on a key ingredient for one of their seasonal faif rilts. >> how about our seasonal weather? >> well, today's weather got >> well[ male announcer ]got for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you. >>> whoa, what a crash landing for a burglar at a massachusetts lan dro mat last night. he fell right through the ceiling tiles. he hit a laundry cart on the way to the floor. the man and a female accomplice picked a lock at a nearby office to get in. but they didn't notice the camera a
by $2,000. >>> in california, governor jerry brown signed a bill that would allow half a million young illegal immigrants who qualify for the federal work permit program to obtain driver's licenses. >>> near hong kong at least 36 people were killed when a boat filled with holiday party goers collidewide a ferry and sank. it is the deadliest accident there in years. >>> a house in clam mouth falls, oregon, that was sold this summer turned out to be a meth lab. it had toxic chemicals 80 times. the family who bought the foreclosed house from the government got sick and now has few options. >>> the white house is lit up in pink to mark october as breast cancer awareness month. new york's empire state building is also bathed in pink. and even buckingham palace in london has gone pink to support the breast cancer awareness campaign >>> and now here's an early look at how wall street's going to kick off the day. the dow closed at 13,515 after adding 77 points yesterday. the s&p was up 3 but the nasdaq lost 2. taking a look at overseas trading this morning. in tokyo the nikkei fell ten points
car tax online, head to fairfax >>> gas prices hit an all-time high in california topping $4.61 a gallon. a attempt error shortage in supply triggered the price spike. look at those prices. over $5 a gallon. officials expect prices to continue to go up over the next few days before leveling off. prices are more reasonable around our area. everything is relative. d.c. average price is $3.82 a gallon. $3.70 in maryland and $3.59 in virginia. >>> it's the rumble in the air conditioned auditorium. jon stewart and bill o'reilly facing off tonight right here in washington. let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. >>> about 1,500 supporter of the maryland dream act ralli
california refinery and a power outage at the exxon mobile plant in torrance have slowed production in the state. tonight the torrance refinery tells us operations will return to normal. >> it will help supply a lot. so, we think the high prices will start to calm down as we get through the to the weekend inand into next week. >> reporter: according to aaa, drivers are paying an extra 53 cents more per gallon than the rest of the country. and those 53 cents can add up. let's say on average the l.a. commuter drives about 300 miles a week. and your car gets about 20 miles a gallon. that means you're paying an extra $32 a month. >> be able to come to costco and get more groceries and, you know, $32 adds up. >> the national average for gas is about $3.79 a gallon. the highest ever for this time of year. the especially high prices are unique to california because the state's strict pollution standards require a special gasoline blend. also, the available inventory of gas is at a ten-year low in the golden state. >>> right now, a gallon of regular in washington is $3.91. higher than the n
political career and the scandal that cost him his marriage. the actor and former california governor was here in washington last night promoting his new memoir total recall. he took part in a question and answer session and later autographed copies of the book. schwarzenegger took blame for having an extramarital affair with his house keeper. many fans at last night's event say don't think that the relationship -- they don't think the relationship should define who he is. >> because that's not all of who he is. as he said, he had 640 pages of his life and ten pages on that and that's what people are picking on. and i think he's done a lot of valuable movies and politics and made a lot of contributions. >> overall it doesn't change my view of it him. i've always looked at him as an actor and i think his personal life is his personal life however screwed up or not it is. that's his life. >> last night's signing was sold out. >>> it's not quite christmas, but it's time to select this year's white house christmas tree. last year's tree came from wisconsin and this year the tree will hail
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